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Divorce, Child Custody, Visitation, Child Support, Spousal Support, Prenuptial, Alimony, Modification, Division of Assets

As a father and a husband, I understand the importance of family and the sensitivity pertaining to this area of law.  My mission is to provide committed and compassionate client-centered representation that is tailored to the unique needs of each client and the specific dynamics of your case.  I am dedicated to personally handling all aspects of my clients’ cases.  I recognize that the people seeking my services often are in difficult and confusing personal situations, so I treat each of my clients with the respect and understanding they deserve.


Wills, Estates, Conservatorships, Trusts, Living Wills, Durbale Power of Attorney, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Name Changes

Many people believe estate planning is expensive, complicated and only for the wealthy. In reality, estate planning is often simple, straightforward and inexpensive. Even a basic estate plan can provide immense value by preserving your wishes and legacy for the future as well as affording you peace of mind.  This may include wills, living wills, power of attorney or perhaps a variety of trusts.  My goal is to closely examine the needs of my clients and offer protective, valuable and comprehensive estate advice.




General Sessions, Evictions, Faulty Car Repair, Small Claims. Demand Letters, Contractor Claims

This is an area of law that requires dedicated efforts from a committed attorney.  I strive to thoroughly examine the facts of your case, to determine what options are available and what course of action is required.  As with any dispute, it can be a difficult time of your life, but my goal is to fight for you and hold those responsible, accountable for their actions.  I can never guarantee success, but I can guarantee you will be satisfied with my effort.


DUI Defense, BUI Defense, Drug Charges, Orders of Protection

When you face serious criminal charges, you deserve a serious defense. You deserve representation and personal attention, which I seek to provide. I am fully committed to providing the best defense possible under the most challenging of circumstances. I stand by my clients and mission, every step of the way.

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